Digital Air Plenum Equipment Rack

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Posted on April 26, 2021


Project Desciption


This customer operates an astronomical observatory in Hawaii and has the need for mechanical design and fabrication on what we call an air plenum assembly.

They have a design for an equipment rack (digital rack) in pdf format.  They need an air plenum design for the other style rack (analog rack).

We need (2) two sets of parts fabricated.

Below is a brief description and I have attached the assembly diagram of the existing design fitted to the digital racks.  Please let me know if you have the resources to do this project.


  • Mechanical design of air plenum assembly for Equipto Rack frame 170-084-066. Analog racks AR1 thru AR8 use this rack frame.
  • New air plenum design to be similar to the existing air plenum design for the Digital racks, Equipto rack frame 170-077-066.

The Digital Rack air plenum is documented in the SMA documentation database, reference drawing number 10571010000.

$55-$90 per hour based on experience.

More details and CAD files can be provided after initial discussion. 

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Jack T.C. Davis

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer


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in 2 weeks

I would need to know a bit more about the expectations of the project, but from the listing it looks like a conversion from the 2D pdf to 3D models in CAD. I previously worked for CalTech the telescopes that they managed in both Hawaii and California so I think I would have no problem with completing this work. Bid is an estimate of about 20-25 hours per week for 2 weeks, can be refined as needed.
Thank you,
– Jack

Sterling Innovations

Product & Application Design Engineer


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in 4 weeks

Creation of 3D models made from 2D CAD drawings, comprising an analog version that is similar to the Digital Air Plenum Equipment Rack.

I not only understand the 3D modeling that is required but I also have a background in CNC laser programming for manufacturing, via converting 2D CAD drawing information into 3D models and factoring in the material stretch (when sheet metal is formed) that result in very accurately assembling, tight-tolerance designs. I have done similar for countless critical aerospace projects. Because I also perform CNC laser programming based on my own 3D models, I understand what the manufacturer will need to see in my 3D model and drawings in order to accurately produce the racks. I also work with a local custom sheet metal shop who can provide you with a quote to manufacture the racks based on my design, if desired.

Brian Maloba

Industrial/product Designer


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in 5 days

Hello I have looked at your project brief and it is possible to have it within a short time and professional world class standard. Looking forward to working with you